Saturday, February 26, 2011

awesome photos

Hi there.

I have a great link to share for all you Lena fans.   Hannah Chen, a friend and neighbor of ours, is breaking into the photography biz.  She's awesome.  and she did a photo shoot for us one day last month, the pictures are AMAZING and you can check them out on her photo blog at: 
and here's a preview of what you'll find there: 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

dadadada, bwaah.

So Lena's starting to become a bit of a chatterbox.  Wonder where she gets that from.....?

Here are 2 videos of her chattering a bit.  The 1st one is from Feb 15 and the 2nd is from today (Feb 22).  There are also 2 pictures of her newly cut bangs.  Now she can see without hair all in her eyes.


 and The Patch looks ridiculously ET-esque in this shot.  YIKES.

Oh yes, and she also cut her first tooth last week.  We're working on the second one as we speak.  Teething is tons of fun, let me tell you...

OK, have a great week!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Hey there.

So here are two videos.  Both of her crawling.  The first is from a couple days ago and the second from a few weeks ago so you can witness her progress.  She's funny.  and a good crawler.

Pretty good for a 6 month old, aye?