Wednesday, February 22, 2012

winter at last

Hi again.

So here we are.  The end of February, 60 degrees & sunny today.  Is it really still winter?  In Philadelphia, not so much.

This past weekend we got our fill of winter-wonderland-ness up in the Adirondacks (oh man, it just took me forever to spell that correctly).  Lena was super excited to go and all week talked about the "veeeken" (ie: weekend) when we'd go play in the "shnow".  We finally loaded up the car late Friday and began the 6 hour trip.  Lena woke up when we stopped for gas and immediately asked "veeeken???!!" She did this same thing 2 other times during the trek.  When we finally got there at 12:30am, set up the pack&play and woke her up to put her in bed she took one look around and happily sighed "veeken."  Yes, it was a great weekend.  Here are some pics & videos.

We built a snowman who Lena named "ho ho" and in the morning when we looked out the window he was still there.  (see the closeup on the right)

We also took everyone for a walk & some sledding accross the street.  Some of us enjoyed the snowy experience more than others...

Then Lena took her first trip down the hill, with what seemed to be mixed feelings...

It was 3 days of snowy fun... and we needed it for sure.  All of us, especially Mike, have been work work working on the house for months now.  It was nice to get away and relax.  Here are 2 shots of 2 of the rooms in the new house!  Our living room (mostly a shot of the carpet, but oh well) and the kitchen/mudroom.  yay!  we have a functional downstairs!  yay!

And that's all for now!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

we're baaaaack.

I know, i know, who has a baby and then disappears for a month with no updates or pictures?  Someone who moves into a half renovated house with no internet (until yesterday, yay!), with all her stuff in boxes, not able to locate her camera for 4 weeks (I kid you not, pathetic for sure), directly after being discharged from the hospital.  Let's just say it's been a challenging 4.5 weeks thus far and leave it at that.  So yes, let's start right off with a charming little video from the newest Roth, James Justus:


There he is!  Thoughts on who he looks like?  I can't decide one way or another.  In fact, a lot of times I don't think he really looks like either of us.  

So yes, here we are.  As of the end of the week we should be able to set up our 1st floor (living room/dining room/kitchen/mudroom) and actually LIVE there (YAY!).  We've been living without a fully functional kitchen since we moved in...  But the house is surely coming together and we're soo excited to have all the construction/projects over and done with.  It really is amazing how far this house has come.  One day I'll post pictures, one day.  One day I also may finally locate our silverware, one day. 

Ok, whew, I'm going to go downstairs and finish painting the trim in our living room while the kiddos nap.  Can't waste precious time here!  So I'll write more later.  And by later I don't mean 4 weeks from now, I promise :-)