Saturday, March 27, 2010

Story time & Sunny time

Hello 25 weeks Hello.

Here I am:
I look like I have way-big hair in this picture, but that is mostly being caused by a shadow on the top of my head... at least that's what I think...

Anyway, onto the post:
So.  LG (little-girly) is moving around quite a bit these days.  She seems to like to do flips when I lay down to go to sleep at night.  I dont mind.  It's kind of cute.  Sometimes Mike reads her stories (or "story" because we only have 1 kids book thus far called "Are you my mother?" I think it's a Dr. Seuss and it's about a little birdie.)  As for LG's name, we're still in the discussion phase and it's taking a bit longer then I would have thought... but no matter, we've got some good ones to choose from and it'll be very awesome to have one decided on.  (Although that will be a secret til she's born, Mike's rule)  

It's Also Spring.  and what better way to celebrate spring then with a manicure with your mom & sister:
You can't really see it but we all got easter-y pastels, mine are green.  Green?  yes, green.  I thought it would match well with the sunniness of New Orleans, which is where Mike and I are headed on Tuesday!!!!  YAY!!!  Vacation time!!!!  We are headed down south to visit my cousin Jen, see the sights, and have a "babymoon".  Probably will be the last time just Mike and I get to go anywhere by ourselves in a looooong time.  So bring on the sun!! 

I will return to the blogging world after Easter.  And that's my story.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Hello friends.

So here we are.  I hit the 24 week mark yesterday... does that mean I'm 6 months?  or does "6 months" mean actual months like Oct 3-April 3?  I don't really know.  I guess I could always google it so maybe I'll just do that later...

Patch is now back to his good ol' puppy-self after a week and a half of illness and 2 seperate dog attatcks.  whew.  that was intense.  Anyway I have a couple pictures to post and a couple of thoughts to think upon... so here we go:

 These are pictures of a wreath I got for little-girly's room.  The colors of everything else are earthy greens and browns, but there'll be a couple splashes of pink mixed in with this wreath, a pink lamp, and a pink blanket for the chair.  :-)  The room is still a junk/fooseball-table room right now, but at least it has this pretty wreath in it now...

Here is a picture of the pattern that I have to make shoes!  How fun is that?!  I'm pretty excited about it.

This is me yesterday at the 24-week mark.  I can wear regular jeans still by looping an elastic band around the button and keeping them closed that way (only works with a long shirt, as shown).  It is kind of cool to have a for-real belly although it does seem to send the message "touch me" to people... even strangers... touching my stomach... weird.  Also my belly button is disappearing.  THAT is weird. 

and how 'bout THIS: my cousin Matt and his wife Sukey are expecting IDENTICAL TWINS in September!  How cool is that?!  Little-girly and the twins will be same-age-cousins (or 2nd cousins or whatever it is).  yay!  
The thing is, Matt and Sukey live in Africa.  So while I'm registering for all this baby-stuff, they are pounding out grain to make flour and wondering how to cart around 2 babies without a stroller... puts things into perspective, no?

Those are all my exciting pictures for the week and that's my story for today.... life as usual, ya know.  July 10 will be here before we know it... but we're trying to just live in March right now ;-) 


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Parent Practice and Other Matters.

This is our sick baby this week.  POOR PATCH!!  I'll spare you the disturbing details but let's just say Mike and I got our parenting practice on this little guy...

Now, I really DO know that puppies and babies are different, but they are also similar in the sense that neither of them can tell you what's wrong with them.  How frustrating!  The poor things (puppies and babies alike) are just forlorn little creatures and in pain and you are pretty much powerless to fix it!  poor little guys.  This week was sad enough with a sick puppy, I can only imagine what it will be like when it's a sick little girly... and at least puppies don't cry that loud...

On to other matters, apologies for last week's site "spamming"!!  That no-good countdown thing I had at the bottom of this page was re-directing everyone to some commercial spam websites!!!  BOO!!  So yes, sorry if that was happening to you.
and thirdly, we are registered at Babies R Us just in case you wanna check it out... now that we've completely re-done the registry using the online features.  The only things on the site we're still re-thinking are the crib/dresser set.  BUT when you try to look for us beware that there's ANOTHER Michael and Kimberly Roth that are registered there too!!! How weird!!  We are listed as "Mike and Kim" and check the location, which should be Philadelphia.

Hope you're all having great weeks!