Friday, July 15, 2011

The Birthday Girl

Munchkin Lena is 1 Year Old!!

wow.  And just 12 months ago she looked like this:

Anyway, we had a nice little bbq last night with some of our friends and neighbors to celebrate the occasion.  Lena was a funny cute little birthday girl, opening her presents, "reading" her cards, hugging her gifts, blowing out her candle, and pigging out on her cupcake.  
I made ladybug cupcakes :-)

And here are some more shots of Lena loving her little party, enjoy!
It's my birthday!

Reading all my cards....

it's a puppet!

I love it I love it!

and I love cupcakes too.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

summer update

Sorry I've been gone awhile.  I'm back now.
And I have some great pictures of the past week for you to see.  But first, an update in words:

- We went on a spur of the moment little vacation to the Adirondacks for 5 days over the holiday weekend.  Super relaxing and super fun.  
- I am now 15 weeks pregnant.  All signs of nausea seem to have passed... but I'm not uncrossing my fingers just yet.  Mike and I both think it's another girl but we'll have to wait til August to find out for sure...
- Lena can walk!  However, most of the time she chooses not to.  I think she can't be bothered by her own stumbly walking when she has super-fast crawling as another much more efficient option.  The most she's done at one time in the 2 weeks that this has been happening is 5 steps on her own.  Go Lena go.

Ok, enough updating, now for some pictures:
We love vacation!!

Lena gives Aunt Sheryl and Uncle Dave the Mean Face, look out!
Playing in the sand at the lake
Lena also discovered her love for sitting on beach chairs, she wanted to climb up and sit on every one
Daddy made Lena a "Sand Patch".  Does look a bit like a pig though... but then again, so does the real Patch
When the strangers nearby have a way better beach toy selection it's best to make friends with them
And when those same strangers think you're cute and want to feed you pretzels, why refuse??
Needless to say, Lena loved it.  And we did too.
Happy July!