Thursday, March 21, 2013


We've taken to calling James "Bubby".   Lena nicknamed him that one afternoon and it stuck.  She's all into made-up words and pretending now.  She has also told me on several occasions that I have a "French baby" in my belly, so there's that too.

James has yet to say a real word in English.  He knows all sorts of animal noises though.  His favorite is a lion.  He roars all day.  For a little while the answer to every "what does a (insert animal name) say?" was "Raaaaaaaaaah!!!"  I enjoyed that phase (see video below).

Lately he does the appropriate animal noise for each species.  His version of a cat noise is particularly funny though because for whatever reason it comes with this face:

watch and see:

I think it's only appropriate that this kid is learning to speak in the language of wild animals first.  They seem to be his kin.  Growling, throwing, running, banging, yelling... just an average afternoon for Bubby and all the other wild monkies out there.