Saturday, April 30, 2011

curls & earings

So.  It was really hot and humid this week.  and when it's humid Lena's hair does crazy things.  Observe:

and yesterday we got her ears pierced.  

look at these cheeks!!!!!

and I'm super-tired.  Sleeping has gotten SO much better lately.  Incredibly better.  However Lena has been getting up early the past few mornings.  like 5:15am early.  and so I'm tired.
good night


Sunday, April 24, 2011

new stuff

 Ah yes, this is Lena hanging out on the front porch doing her funny little head wiggle.  We think it means "I like this" but really, there's no way of knowing if we're correct at this point... whatever it is it definitely has a positive connotation.

Here's one of my new favorite pictures.  Lena in an Easter dress (thanks Janine, fits perfectly!)  I can't get over her face in it... too funny.

 Here is Lena's new warm weather fascination.  Standing at the screen door watching the cars, people, stray cats, whatever go by.  She LOVES it.
 And now the shameless promotion.  So I made the entire outfit she is wearing in this picture below (minus the onesie but plus the SHOES!!) and also the red & gray checkered shirt she models in the video and the picture above.
So yes, Lena is pretty much my living doll and she has to wear what I make for her.  It's fun!  the pic above is a long tunic-shirt with a jean skirt and some little slip on shoes :-)
If I can ever get it together enough at some point I might sell some stuff on etsy, but we'll see.  

anyway, that's the latest.  All is well.  Spring has come at last.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

An update, 2 pics, & a video

So remember last time when I wrote that Lena was screaming her head off when we'd try to get her to take naps or go to bed?  Well, that was because Mike and I were inadvertently starving her.  Oops.  Poor little baby.  How were we to know????  After a few days of screaming this little discovery was made one afternoon when I had Mike feed her solids before I got home to nurse.  I left a 4oz jar of baby food with the statement "She might not eat the whole thing"... yea.  She did indeed eat the whole thing.  And an entire half of avocado.  And 2 man-sized handfuls of cheerios.  And then she nursed for 15 minutes.  and that afternoon went down for her nap without a peep.  And now we feed her lots of food and in return she goes to sleep like a sane human being.  Victory!...?

Anyway, here are 2 pictures of her showing off her curly hair.   This is what 1 day of humidity did to it!

And here's a video of her and patch battling it out over a bone.  Guess who wins.