Wednesday, August 28, 2013

First Smiles

Ladies and gentlemen for your enjoyment today I present to you 
Mr. Cole and his quick little smiles:

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

One month already?

So this little guy was 1 month old yesterday:
Hi Cole.

Well, I wanted an Italian baby and I surely got one in him.  Seriously, look at this child.  Where did he come from?!

Too funny.  I love it.  

And here's Mike and his 2 blondies:

la la la.

Friday, August 9, 2013

The new Cuz and some photo shoot fails

So We've got a new nephew!!!  Horray!  
His name is Callahan James Roth and he was born on August 6.  
Here he is with his parents Matt & Kristin:
Yay!  We're so happy for them.

And since Callahan and Cole are like twin cousins being only 2 weeks apart we thought we'd do a photo shoot with them.  Fail.  Here are the funny shots that resulted.  Maybe we should try again in a couple weeks.....

Yea, not so great.  Clearly Bubby needed to get in on the action and suddenly he's enormous.

and here's another amusing shot of Lena charming the boys:
Good job, Bean.  
Lena's been playing mommy with one of her baby dolls since we had Cole.  She invents these elaborate imagination senarios that are pretty funny.  Yesterday while the baby was napping and I was occupied paying bills she informed me that her baby was tired and she needed to put her to bed.  I said something like, "ok yea, go for it." and went on with my business.  An hour later I went to go check on Cole who was still asleep and this is what I found:

Lastly, Lena has been getting the camera and practicing her photography skills lately.  
Here are three un-edited pieces of art:

Titled:  Aunt Sheryl's Entrance

Titled: Wait, Where Do I See The Picture I Just Took?

Titled:  Woah. My World is Rocked.

Friday, August 2, 2013

cry face

We've just completed week 2 of having 3 kids.  I think we deserve a prize.  It's tough, I don't have enough hands for this!!  Mike goes back to work on Monday and I shudder to think of how I'm going to manage by myself.  But people do this, right?  Right.  Here's me and the 3:

Notice the tissue in poor Lena's hand, she's is just now finally over her horrible bout with Croup.

and just because it's so funny, here is what it looks like when James cries:

He does this moving-his-jaw-to-the-rihgt-and-left-thing that is just too funny.  And so now here it is on video:

and here's Bubby pretending to be a puppy.  He plays fetch.

And that's that for now.  Sorry this post is lacking in both Lena and Cole pictures but I'll make up for that on the next post.  Sheryl's coming over to take nice pics of Cole this week so I'll put some of those up later on.  Ciao.