Sunday, February 28, 2010

baby stuff

21 weeks down, 21 more to go.  HALF WAY ALREADY?!  Sheesh.  So this is a picture of me at 21 weeks.  I didn't realize how big I had gotten (nor how cool my colorful reindeer pants are) until I looked at this picture!  Although, I had just eaten dinner so that could have added to the big-ness.

Last night Mike and I traveled across state borders to go to a baby-super-store.  OH MAN.  How is it that someone so small can require so much?!  And how does anyone ever make a decision being as there's 300 choices for everything?!  Unbelievable.  Luckily, and quite surprisingly, Mike and I managed to register for all of the "big things" and it was, equally as surprisingly, super fun!  Thanks to the help of a very knowledgeable store-worker named Skip who talked us through these big things, little girly is registered for some cool baby stuff.  and I am excited to decorate her room... once we get all the junk out of it :-)

We seemed to go for things with multiple functions... a crib that turns into a bed one day, a pack-and-play that doubles as a travel crib & a changing table, a stroller that includes a newborn carseat, etc....  I'm assuming that was a smart decision, but I really have no way of knowing.  

And are there rules on what you're supposed to register for and not register for?  furniture?  toys?  books?  diapers?

Ok, well those are my Sunday morning musings on baby registering.  If you read this, you're awesome.  More next time.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Oh boy...

Oh boy, it's a girl!     i KNEW it.    yay!  This is going to be SO fun (minus the whole "labor and delivery" portion...)  Anyway, here are some pics of the day :-)

here is us waiting... who knows what it's going to be???!!!

In the room finally just before the ultrasound....
and I'm wearing my super-cool rain boots because it was horrible out today...

anyway, here is a great profile shot of the little girly

and here's her little footprint!

yay!  how fun!  
All you people who voted for "boy"' or "twins" were wrong.  I was right. (not to rub it in or anything).

I've also got to hand it to anyone who is able to read ultrasound pictures... don't be fooled by the clarity of these shots, about 85% of what we saw on that screen was totally un-recognizable.  and the technician kept saying things like "here's the baby's liver"  and  "here's the baby's right flux capacitor"  to which we're like "oh... good."   All that aside, the other 15% of the pictures were awesome, like these ones here, it was so crazy to be able to look at her while she's in me... SO WEIRD and AWESOME.   

It was funny though because it took awhile to get a profile shot at all, at first she was standing on her head with her arms and hands in front of her face like "hehe i'm not going to let you see me!!"  The technitian tried for like a good 10 minutes and couldn't get a shot of her face at all; the doctor had to come in later and do it for us!  Silly girl.

good times.

Today's the day

oh man, today's the day.  Just putting a little note out there to say that I'll be back later with the big news.... and as it stands in the poll, "girl" has been the long standing front-runner, so we'll see if everyone's right.  Yet one more thing that can be determined by long distance electronic voting... or wait, does it work like that??  :-)

Monday, February 15, 2010

a bit belated, but here we go anyway...

Hi there.

So yes, yes I know, I forgot to post last week.  But do let me explain.  Philadelphia was hit with 2 BLIZZARDS IN 1 WEEK!!!  seriously!  How crazy is that?!  last week schools were only open on Tuesday and that's it!  sheesh!  Anyway, that's my excuse... blizzards kept me from blogging.  

Moving on.  So no baby news to report though as we get closer to the ultrasound date (Feb 23) we get more and more excited.  It seems that knowing whether it's a girl or boy makes the whole crazy process a little more concrete.  We will REALLY have a baby and it will be a (circle: girl/boy) baby.   I'm putting a poll on the blog.  you can guess what it will be and then next week I'll say who's right!  How fun is that?!

So yes, all polls aside, here is a valentines picture of Mike and I.
We're making hearts with our hands.... ya know, for valentines.

OK stay tuned for next time...

Friday, February 5, 2010

18 Weeks

Hi there.

So Friday has come again.  AND a blizzard is also coming today so that's cool.  about an hour ago I rememberd my committment to post weekly, so here is this week's post (albeit slightly on the late side)

I figured I'd post a picture or two to keep the reader interest levels up.  So here they are:

This is my 18-week belly.  and a view of my calendar, a pumpkin from November (still good!...?), and the other things that hang on my kitchen wall.  

This is where you can usually find me.  On the couch, with Patch in my lap.  In this picture I'm not doing anything productive, but usually this is my "at work" pose (with a computer and several packets of paper).  Why is this my "at work" position?  Because I have the best job in the world.  ah yes.  I get to work from home about 55% of the time.  I hang out with kids.  I write newsletters.  I tell people about LOGAN Hope.  I database things.  I write lots of grants.  It's fantastic.  For example, today:  I get up, eat breakfast & watch the news.  My morning consists of me working on a grant from Pepsi (vote-able in March so stay tuned), coordinating some volunteer groups, and taking a few minutes to write this blog.  It's great.  I actually CAN'T go into the office on Fridays til after lunch because (get this) there's no where for me to sit!  hah!  The office gets used for special-help tutoring Friday mornings so I get a free work-from-home pass.  awesome.

Ok, back to the baby:  it's growing!  This week apparently the baby was the size of a bell pepper (or a turnip, says another source).  I had a Doc appointment and everything's going well.   Ultrasound on Feb 23rd and we're getting more and more excited to find out what it is!  (a baby, i guess)  My gut says it's a girl, but I have no legitimate reason for thinking that.  Mike thinks it's a boy because "everyone we know has had girls so it has to even out somewhere..."  So there you have it.  
Stay tuned. and thanks for reading :-)