Tuesday, January 10, 2012

hello, world.

So this is me expaining why I haven't posted in a long time.
we've been busy.
and things kinda got crazy for a little while.
and now things are going to get even crazier...

Remember that vague 2nd pregnancy I may have mentioned once or twice?  Well, this little guy is the result!  James Justus Roth born January 8, 2012 at 7:12am, 7lbs 1oz,  21in long.   He was a VBAC in case anyone's interested.  And, I know, he and Lena both look exactly like Mike.

Anyway, so this little guy decided to come a little earlier then we may have planned for.  Did I mention we're mid-move?  Did I mention the house we're moving to is, to put it mildly, a work-in-progress?  Did I mention we'd been bunking at Dave & Sheryl's for the week until we could move into this new place?  Did I mention today when I leave the hospital we're all essentially going to be living in 1 room?   If I did mention any of these things apparently I didn't mention it to little Jay... (or to our contractor, but that's another matter entirely.)  So yes, all this to say that the next couple weeks are sure to be an adventure!  :-)   Perhaps a less-than-ideal adventure but whatev, we'll get through it.  (amazing how much more relaxed you are with your 2nd kid, I would have LOST MY MIND if this was my first pregnancy).

Here are some more pics for you to enjoy:
Jay and Mommy

Jay and Daddy

Big sister's verdict?  Ehh, the jury's out.

but this is sure fun

Lena has been pretty funny about it all.  She waves to the baby and points out all his parts "eye! nose! hat! baby!" and then finds the bassinet on wheels and asks "push you?" and then my dad pushes her all over the hospital like a freakishly giant newborn.  And James has been a really good baby thus far.  pretty chilled out and doesn't cry a whole lot unless he has some reason (ie: burp, diaper, etc).  And that's my story.  Stay tuned for more updates on the cute little guy.  (oh, did i mention we won't have internet access for awhile either?... I'll figure it out)