Sunday, August 29, 2010

a lovely story

Here is a lovely little story.  By "lovely" I mean "gross but funny" and by "little" I mean "huge".

So yesterday night we went out to a friend's house in the country.  It was beautiful.  Rolling hills, corn, farms, trees,.. all the things we don't see here in the city.  Anyway, once we got there I fed Lena while talking to some friends.  As she finally finished eating &  I was pulling her out from under the nursing cover she had a "lovely" "little" diaper blowout.  All over me...

"Oh my gosh, there's poop all over me!!"  Suddenly chaos reigned.  Lots of yelling by all around me, people jumping up to get paper towels, Mike grabbing Lena from me (being mindful not to get any poop on himself), me jerking my nursing cover out of the way of the poop and hoping my shirt was on correctly, Someone removing Lena's soiled outfit while she dangled from her armpits, another laying her on the coffee table to change her diaper, watching her spit up all over the coffee table while having her diaper changed, Lena rubbing her hair all in her spit up puddle on the coffee table...  I could go on.  It probably only amounted to a good 45 seconds of chaos, but it was chaos indeed.  How many people does it take to handle a diaper blowout?  Apparently quiet a few.

The end.

Friday, August 27, 2010

new (slightly outdated) pics

Hello again!  I know, I know, it's been awhile.  Sorry.  We were on vacation for a week & just got back Monday.  We went to upstate NY and it was wonderfully relaxing.  Sadly, we forgot to take our camera with us.  I know, I know, that's ridiculous.

ANYWAY, because I don't want to catch anymore heat about not posting, this is me posting some pics of Lena at 4-5 weeks old.  (She is now 6 weeks old as of yesterday)  They may be a couple weeks outdated, BUT the are cute.

This is Lena in her swing.  Swing, Lena, swing.

Here is Lena hanging out with Daddy and The Patch

Mommy & Lena snuggle-time:

Awww, so cute, I know.

Thanks for checking back with me. I promise I will do a better job of updating in the future.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

some pictures...

Ok, so I know I posted a few days ago, but I have all these great shots of Lena so I want to post them :-)

Here they are:
Hi little munchkin

big yawn

daddy's smushing me

Patch loves her & just wants to be near her all the time

And tomorrow she'll be 4 weeks old.  I can't believe it!

Monday, August 9, 2010

spatial discussions

Hello again.
So the Roth household is happy to report that the Lena Growth Spurt is officially over.  Whew!  For all that growth-spurting, I don't know that she's that much bigger although now she seems to fit in newborn sized clothing, which is a new thing.  Anyway, we now have a back-to-normal eating & sleeping baby.  In fact she's actually sleeping right now.  We set up the Pack&Play downstairs for her to take naps in after realizing that one day she would probably roll herself off the couch when napping (or off the dining room table where we were changing her) and severely injure herself...  tragedy avoided, done.   Pack&Plays are pretty cool.  They are also really large.  I'd say that this Pack&Play takes up the space of approximately 27 Lenas.  That's 26 more Lenas then we actually have.  Our living room used to feel very big, even with 4 adults & a dog living here, but it now feels much much smaller with the addition of this one little baby (and all her stuff).  It is rather ridiculous how much stuff 1 little baby can use.

I tried and tried to upload a few pics from my phone, but I sadly cannot figure out how to do that yet.  In substitution, here is a great pic of her from 2 weeks ago:
Mwah!  I love her.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

growth spurt still growing

Correction- approximately 15 minutes after I wrote the last post Lena woke up and went on another wild rampage.  A wild growing rampage, that is.  Awake for hours, insatiable appetite, crying, crying, crying...  Thankfully, she did sleep a consecutive 3 hours two different times yesterday/last night so that's good.  Then again, she was up from 4:30-8:30am which was no fun either...  Today was no different, growing must be stressful.  Anyway, just wanted to update that last post.  And also, just for kicks, here's a link to a great posting about a new mom's minute by minute day...  I found it super-funny and super-accurate.  Perhaps you will too.  Enjoy:  day in the life of a new mom

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mommy Tales

So I've been a mommy for just about 3 weeks.  CRAZY!!  I don't really feel any different, but I do have this cute little munchkin to take care of all day which is a new thing.  She is CUTE.  Also exasperating at times and the cause of some stress, but all in all she's great.  Here are 2 pictures (thanks, Liz) and 2 short stories about mommy life with Lena:


1)  Lena must have hit her 3-week growth spurt, and hit it hard.  I know that's what it was because I googled all the symptoms & also checked it out in our baby books.  OH MAN, growth spurts are NO FUN AT ALL.  No fun for anyone, not for me, not for her, not for Mike, and not even for The Patch.  Seriously, yesterday she ate all day long.  and for the 4 seconds when she wasn't eating, she was crying because she wanted to be eating again.  and even while she was eating she was still crying...  She was awake from around 9am until 4pm.  I had been planning on having a relaxing & nap filled day, but clearly she had other plans for me as a 24-hour milk bar.  Thankfully she seemed to calm herself down (or tire herself out?) around 4:30 and then acted like a normal baby for the rest of the evening...  AND thus far today, she's been back to her-normal-well-behaved-3-ish-hour-routined-self (although I'm not un-crossing my fingers until nightfall just in case).

2)  Once on each of the past 2 nights Lena has made a complete mess.  How has she done that?  Well, while having her diaper changed she has, without any warning, had a poop explosion AND a fountain of pee all over the place.  and all over her mother.  two 3am's in a row.  Now, I thought only boy babies could spray down everything within the general vicinity at will, but apparently I was wrong.  In a girl-power-like manner Lena has proved that yes, girls can do it too, albeit in a slightly different way.

and those are my 2 stories.
more to follow.

Monday, August 2, 2010

sleepy Lena Chérie

Here's the sleepy little munchkin: